Q: What is the origin behind the name "madeskimo?" 

A: In around 1993 or 1994, Geronimo teamed up with Quebec Ciy rap crew the Presha Pack. There he got his first experience in independent music production, recording, and performing. The crew was the origin of the moniker "Geronimo tha Madd Eskimo." The Presha Pack self-produced a demo tape, selling all 50 copies, and for a while the group filled popular performance halls and bars in the city - even tough group members were teenagers under the legal age. While eventually growing up and going their own separate ways - the original Presha Pack members would move on to do other things - but "tha madd eskimo" name stuck and became stylized as "madeskimo" (written all together, in lower case). Geronimo left Quebec City and established himself in Montreal, where he continued to produce music and artwork under this handle.  

Having produced a considerable body of work - including music, digital images and video edits - Geronimo Inutiq finally decided to retire the name in the spring of 2016. This was prompted partly in respect to the wishes of ITK leader Natan Obed  - who went on a campaign to try to get the Edmonton Eskimos to change their name to something more culturally sensitive. Mostly the decision was taken out of the desire for Geronimo to avoid loaded and controversial language, and to distance himself from the stigma and drama of identity politics.

Today in order to revisit that body of work he has produced Geronimo - through the entremise of UMATI Corp. - has reactivated the name.  At the time of this writing, Geronimo is in the process of transferring ownership of all "madeskimo" music and intellectual property to this company he founded. As a way to build its holdings, UMATI Corp. has applied for a trademark for "madeskimo."